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Microsoft Dynamics GP Named Top 2 Accounting Software Solutions for Enterprises


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Microsoft Dynamics GP Named Top 2 Accounting Software Solutions for Enterprises

Microsoft Dynamics GP is widely known for its “out-of-the-box” functions, which is best suited for deployment in mid-market (Large SMEs and Smaller MNCs companies. As such it recently emerged as the Top 2 accounting software as reviewed by leading software review platform, FinanceOnline. The study from FinanceOnline included features and functions of different ERP and accounting software as well as their value added options.

Moreover, it examined the abilities of these software system in solving main problems facing by companies:

  1. Accounting, invoicing and payments integrations
  2. Managing costs
  3. Learning curve

­Integration of Modules

The first criteria for the review was integration of modules which Dynamics GP proved to excel in. Microsoft Dynamics GP is sold in license package which is inclusive of all modules, from financial management to inventory and reporting management. This comprehensive package within a single system allows for a seamless working process as multiple business procedures can be performed on a single paltform.

Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP System


Next in the list of criteria is the ability to allow customization. Microsoft Dynamics GP does not shy away from customization even though it has long been recognized as an “off the shelf” system. Microsoft’s first ERP offer is the best of both world for companies that is looking for a system that can work well without customization and also flexible for future customization requirement.



Ease of Use

As a Microsoft product, Dynamics GP fulfills the criteria of “ease of use” easily. The system has a friendly user interface and navigation, and since it is seamlessly integrated with MS office, the learning curve for GP is also minimized.


One of the most important criteria that no organization can overlook is security. Dynamics GP has various flexible deployment methods – on premise, hosted, or SaaS. Nonetheless, regardless of the deployment model, the system is highly secured with security tasks setup, and access control.

Mobile Access

The final criteria in the list by FinanceOnline is Mobile Access. Since 2013, the web based version of Dynamics GP has been available. By allowing users to access the system even when they are not at their desk, GP has enabled additional agility that is highly appreciated by its users.

Microsoft has announced that a new version of Dynamics GP, GP2018 will be released by the end of this year, followed with a development plan after 2019. It is clear that Microsoft’s ambition for Dynamics GP remains strong and being one of the best accounting solution for enterprises is undoubtedly not the end goal.

To get more information on the specific modules of Dynamics GP, please click here.

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Dynamics GP or Dynamics NAV?


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Difference between Dynamics GP and Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics NAV are both comprehensive ERP solutions under the Microsoft Dynamics family. Both systems sport a familiar, intuitive user interface and functionalities that fulfill companies’ requirement on enabling business process. However, there are distinctive differences that set aside the two ERP systems and help decision makers to choose which solution is the best fit for your organization.
In short, Dynamics GP is an out-of-the-box system, which is faster to implement and makes upgrade simpler while Dynamics NAV is completely customizable, which fits best when there are needs to build specific functionalities.

Dynamics GP
In the year 2000, Great Plains was acquired by Microsoft and then became Dynamics GP, the first ERP solution being offered by the American multinational technology company. The system offers an out-of-the-box solution for small to medium-sized businesses that allows an ease of implementation. While it can be catered for a wide range of industry, it is most suitable for companies with financial accounting requirement that can be fulfilled with entry-level accounting systems. GP’s functionalities are fully developed and a standard implementation (no system customization) can meet with almost all the requirement. In addition, specialized or vertical third party application can be easily and seamlessly integrated with Dynamics GP.

Dynamics NAV
Previously known as Navision, NAV was acquired by Microsoft a few years after GP. Unlike GP, NAV does not have the core module fully developed but the system has the ability to be completely customized according to business’ specific structure and needs. It is therefore, aimed at businesses in the manufacturing or distribution market with niche uses that require higher level of customization. This makes NAV ideal for niche businesses whose requirements change so quickly that no other off-the-shelf package can support. With source code available for developers, the system allows certified partner to improve additional functionalities within the software.
Despite the differences, Dynamics GP and NAV are being developed with similar road map with each other to continue delivering automation to businesses. The two ERP system are also both flexible with regards of deployment as they are available on servers in a traditional on-premises environment, hosted by a partner, leased and deployed in a private cloud, or via Microsoft Azure.
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