The Best Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solution In Singapore
Equip your business with the right tools to manage through a temporary disaster. With I-Net Dynamics' expertise and Microsoft Azure's disaster recovery and business continuity plan, businesses experience less downtime and a faster way to jumpstart operations.

Get Started In No Time
Interruptions can slow down your organization down to a halt. Save your business thousands of dollars by preparing for the future. Invest in a disaster recovery plan that automatically sets your organization in motion, even without your invaluable resources. With a disaster restoration master plan laid out, your organization can always achieve its best, even in the worst-case scenarios.

Minimize Losses, Maximize Your Resources
I-Net Dynamics’ disaster restoration and business continuity services help businesses like yours to prevent revenue and data loss. Instead, we give you the right training and support to prepare your business for various inconveniences.

If you are unsure about I-Net Dynamics' Disaster Recovery services can do for you, request for a non-obligatory callback from our consultants!

Server Replication

Replicate your primary or on-premise servers to Microsoft Azure’s Virtual Machine and have all of your critical business data backed up and secured

Disaster Recovery Documentation

Plot a detailed disaster recovery plan detailing employee roles, as well as failback operations necessary to keeping the organization’s productivity, allowing for a more efficient data restoration and auditing

24/7 IT Support

Access to on-demand IT support during your entire disaster recovery process. Gain access to monthly reports on server replication status. Annual exercises to ensure the effectivity of the disaster recovery plan

Curious about how I-Net Dynamics implements Disaster Recovery Services?

  1. Business data is the foundation and at the heart of every company and with the risk of heard disk failures as high as 14%, the threat of losing your data is very much real.

  2. Get an overview into how I-Net Dynamics utilities the powerful cloud platform of Microsoft Azure to create a safety net for your business.

  3. Find out information like:
    • What can I replicate?
    • What does Site Recovery Provides?
    • See our physical to Microsoft Azure Replication Architecture.
Key Benefits of Engaging Our Disaster Recovery Services
  • World-Class Security: High-clearance international compliance standards such as ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC 1, SOC 2 and IEC 27018
  • Automatic Daily Backups with Microsoft Azure: Everyday data, saved and secured
  • Cost Effective :Avoid large upfront costs with accessible monthly protection
  • Business Continuity : Built for long-term performance and stability
  • Scalable and Flexible:Customizable to fit your business’ evolving needs
  • Infrastructure Specialist : Connect with expert professionals through I-Net Dynamics
  • Documentation : A detailed disaster recovery documentation to keep your organization in motion

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