Cloud Backup

Keep your information safe by sharing a copy of it to the world’s most secure data hub, Microsoft Azure. Inclusive of daily cloud backups and 24/7 system monitoring for complete support. Receive monthly updates on your cloud backup status to ensure that your data is safe in the cloud.

Simulated Restoration

Put your backups to the test and ensure their reliability in emergency situations. We facilitate simulated data loss to verify your backup’s effectivity in restoring data. Prevent inconveniences by making sure your backed-up data performs as intended.

Reserve Virtual Machine

Insure critical business data with Microsoft Azure’s Virtual Machines. An accessible and affordable plan for preventing data disasters, allowing for easy recovery in times of a data breach.

Singapore’s Trusted Cloud Backup Service
Protect your data at all costs. Offsite cloud backup gives you the piece of mind to run your business, knowing that important data is secured safely elsewhere.

Safeguarding Today’s Data For Tomorrow’s Future
Local, on-site back ups can prove insufficient. Too often, companies realize that their backup sources fail to restore when it’s too late. Storing your data with us allows you to immortalize your data and your success, preventing any losses when a data breach strikes.

Rendering Digital Threats Obsolete
By putting your data out of harm’s way, no amount of physical or digital threats can threaten your operations. Accidental deletions, viruses, hard disk failures, and even hacking attempts will no longer be a threat to you and your organization.

Key Benefits

  • 24/7 Security: Have your data monitored and protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Automatic Daily Backups: Everyday data, saved and secured
  • Cloud Solution With Microsoft Azure: Crucial business data, safeguarded by the best
  • Support Team: Get help from INET’s team of Microsoft certified technicians on all things Microsoft Azure
  • Customized For You: Everything from backup schedules to frequency tailored to your SLA requirements
  • Industry-leading Services: As a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, we provide the best in offsite cloud backup services
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