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Ensure successful project execution and profitability with planning, resourcing, tracking, costing, billing, accounting, and real-time intelligence.

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Basic resources

Keep track of resources and prices. Register and sell resources, combine related resources into one resource group, or track individual resources. Divide resources into labor and equipment and allocate resources to a specific job in a time schedule.

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Capacity management

Plan capacity and sales and manage usage statistics and the profitability of resources. Create your plan in a calendar system with the required level of detail and for the period you need. Monitor resource usage and get a complete overview of resource capacity including availability and planned costs on orders and quotes.

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Multiple costs

Manage alternative costs for resources and resource groups. Costs can be fixed, percentage based, or an additional fixed charge.
Define as many work types as you need.

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Time sheet

Register time spent and get manager approval using the simple and flexible Time Sheet. Time Sheet integrates with Service and Project Management and can include resources.


Track usage on jobs and data for invoicing the customer. Manage fixed-price jobs and time-and-materials jobs:

Create a plan for a job with multiple tasks and task groupings. Each task can have a budget
and can be done for whatever period you need.

Copy a budget from one job to another and set up a job-specific price list
for item and resource charges and general ledger account expenses for the customer.

View suggested WIP and recognition postings for a job.

Plan and invoice job in multiple currencies

Assign a specific job to a specific customer and invoice the job completely or partially.

Change bill-to customer for projects where the party that is receiving a service is
different from the party that is paying the bill.

Use an assisted setup guide to set up jobs, easily enter time sheets and job journals, and
use the Project Manager Role Center to access common tasks, new charts, and the list of your jobs.

Use the Job page to access tasks, assign job ownership, and get visibility into costs and billings.

Use the Job Quote report to quickly email a customer the price for a project.

Split work between project managers, who create plan for job, warehouse workers
who deal with picking inventory for jobs and staff performing the work.