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Smarter Business Strategies With Leading Business Intelligence ERP Module

Microsoft Dynamics GP’s Business Intelligence and Reporting module makes sure you never take a shot in the dark again. Equip yourself with the best weapon known to all businesses: business analytics.

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Insight into Business Trends Like Never Before

  • Review the highs and lows of your business and use these to predict trends and underlying problems
  • Shift your business’ focus to specific goals for accelerated success
  • Adapt new business strategies through predictive trial and error


The days of inaccurate guesswork are done. Dynamics GP’s out-of-the-box functionality allows you to turn your software into whatever you want it to be.


Using Analysis Cubes To Supercharge Business Decisions

Dynamics GP’s Business Intelligence module is empowered by the Microsoft SQL Servers to help you analyze information from different POVs. Create online analytical processing queries in no time with the help of different analysis cubes offered by Dynamics GP. Gain insight into all crucial financial and logistical factors such as cash flow, inventory quantity, pending purchases, total purchases, and more.

Decisions Made Easy

Gain confidence knowing that every decision you make is backed up by numbers and facts. Predict problems before they even happen, and create solutions according to the system’s invaluable suggestions. Set on for exponential growth in no time.

Your Guide For Custom-Tailored Success

Turn your goals into successes. With Dynamics GP’s actionable insights, you can transform data into action in building a solid foundation for your organization. Create a master plan based on your finances, sales, and operations to generate a solution tailored just for you.

Transparency and Control

Authorize view information to different team members according to their role. Display information as necessary, and allow various members of your team to generate, design, and view classified information accordingly. Limit access per team member to create better security, without taking away transparency.

Business Intelligence Reporting Made Accessible

With almost 200 built-in Excel reports, you can project your data onto these templates to generate an instant report. Need something customized? With Microsoft SQL Reporting Services, you can explore hundreds of data visualization aids such as charts, graphs, and reports, at no additional cost. Instantly turn your numbers into an easy to understand report for business users with Dynamics GP.

Real Time Business Data On The Cloud

Study your numbers wherever you are. Host your data from a central location and authorize access to unlimited users and devices. This is optimized for devices running Windows, iOS, and Android.

Plan For The Future with Predictive Analytics

Set accurate budgets for future products and sort out budgeting and planning process with one software. Channel these plans to your management team to facilitate speedy and efficient product development, assembly, and distribution.

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