Quality IT Management Services For Singapore Businesses
Your business’ powerline relies on IT services. With INET’s Microsoft-certified IT management expertise, you can focus on the one thing that matters the most: running your business.

IT Delegation, Maximum Production
Focus your resources on your strengths, not your weaknesses. As acclaimed IT experts, we handle all things IT and keep your business up and running. With more hands on deck doing your day-to-day operations, you can maximize your organization’s efficiency without sacrificing data, server, and application security.


  • Proactive Monitoring: 24/7 monitoring and maintenance to ensure that all critical network devices have optimal functionality
  • Real-Time Optimization: Monthly reviews giving you insights to weak links in your network. Real-time reports that allow you to identify and resolve critical issues on the spot.
  • Support On-Demand: Available onsite or remote IT support for your convenience. Timely response time for emergency situations

IT Asset Management

Advanced assessment of existing IT infrastructures, both physical and virtual, for unhindered growth.

Patch Management

Security patch upgrades on Windows and non-Windows devices for maximum protection

Professional Monitoring

Advanced surveillance of your IT environment that allows for faster recovery and restoration processes

Proactive IT Monitoring and Maintenance

Proactive monitoring and maintenance of IT networks to minimize downtime.

IT Managed Backup Services

Scheduled backups that ensure business continuity and prevent data loss for ultimate data preservation.

Managed Anti-virus

A complete desktop security solution including anti-virus and anti-malware solutions to safeguard your network from cyberattacks.

Managed Replication

Advanced server replications to ensure the safety of servers in the event of a data breach

Managed Reporting

Report creation for regulatory compliance or management requirements

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