Managed Service Partner

A Managed Services provider is an IT partner that will take care of the health, performance and planning of your organization’s infrastructure. As the capability of your potential managed services partner is directly related to your business’ uptime, which leads to the profits of your company, the process of choosing a trusted partner requires a lot of careful evaluations.

Although the process of on boarding a Managed Services partner can honestly be a bit of a hassle, shifting your IT operations to a Managed Services provider brings multiple benefits in the long term. With the support from a team of professional consultants bringing together a joint pool knowledge as well as experience, downtime will be significantly minimized and your value for money will be maximized.

The checklist below can be used as a guide when choosing a Managed Services partner (MSP).


What You Should Be Looking For

Do They Have It?

1 Remote help desk ability to assure response time in the event of an incident.

2 Real-time incident monitoring and management to minimize resolving time.

3 24/7 systems and devices monitoring tools that are used to notify prior to certain incidents.

4 Long-term commitment to stay as your trusted partner.

5 A team of certified IT professionals so that your IT environment will be well taken care of.

6 Documentation and guide will be provided to make every process transparent.

7 Proactive IT support approach to minimize downtime.

8 Asset management ability to not only manage the current setup but also to plan for the future.

9 Industry standard SLA is provided.

10 All-in-One services to avoid contacting multiple vendors when an incident occurs.

11 Proven track record in providing IT supper services.

12 Disaster recovery and backup services are available to safeguard business data.

13 Cloud computing ability so companies do not have to look for another vendor when moving to the cloud.

14 Microsoft Gold Partner Status – a MSP that obtained this world-class standard has proven their ability and commitment.

15 MSP is also a hardware reseller who understands your IT needs well.

It is important to note that when evaluating the most ideal choice for a MSP, it is key to place importance and priority on suitability and not at pricing.  A competent MSP will be able to prevent incidents, not just to fix them. They can also work together with you on IT planning, based on your current IT setup as well as future business requirement.

i-Net Dynamics has over 10 years of experience in support clients in many aspects of IT. We provide not only an industry standard Manages Services, but also a long term commitment to grow business together with our customers.

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