No wonder that cloud computing is now dominating the Internet. The industry has experienced exponential growth in recent years, and it will stay for long to dominate the Internet.

If your business has enough growth, including your services, IT Infrastructure, etc. then there are two choices left for you to continue your exponential growth. These choices are:

Before you go for any of the options, you have to analyze everything regarding the growth of your business. You must know how these options are different from each other and how they can benefit from the growth of your business.


Cloud Computing and On-Premise Defined

Cloud computing includes all the services that are hosted by a third-party and delivered to you using the Internet. While the on-premise is a traditional type of model that handles your data in-house, all operations are performed on your side, and nothing is hosted on a cloud server remotely.

Let’s take an example of banking terms to understand the concepts in a much better way. Suppose you have a safe and you store it in a room of your house and someone breaks into your house and flies away with the safe and it is never going to be back, it is considered as on-premise. While, on the other hand, and you put your safe in a bank’s building, now the bank protecting your safety, is responsible for its safety, usage and availability and insurance, this could be considered as a cloud. What would you choose? Cloud, right!

So, the cloud is considered as a better option for companies because it is much secured and flexible than any on-premise system. You do not have to worry about maintenance and updating costs, and it saves you a lot of money. You can spend your saved money in your other areas of business for better growth. And Azure can be considered as the best cloud service in terms of flexibility, security, usability, and operations.


What can I have in the Azure Cloud?

Azure Cloud has a lot of things to offer you. You can migrate your on-premise servers to Azure Cloud. It includes:

  • MS Active Directory migration, including MS Exchange server and data migration, including .net based applications.
  • MsSql server’s migration.
  • Migration of all user accounts of the company to Azure AD service.
  • Company’s document migration to SharePoint service by Office365, including document versioning.

It’s much easier to host your existing or new applications on the public cloud to get rid of any maintenance and updating costs.


Why is Azure better then On-premise?

On-premise is a traditional way that is being obsoleted slowly because of the entry of cloud computing, and Azure provides us such services to benefit your business. Some of the reasons why Azure is better than on-premise:

  • Azure works much faster than an on-premise system
  • Azure VM helps to improve your productivity
  • On-premise is costly while Azure is cost-efficient
  • Azure providers you better security than on-premise
  • Azure is your business tool other than just storage.


What’s better for you?

Probably your current on-premise systems are working perfectly fine, so why bother to update them to Azure? The reason is that your business needs to be pro-active. You cannot depend on such traditional systems anymore if we really want to take our businesses to the next level. So, if you are making your cloud up-gradation decision, then Azure is your most reliable partner to fulfill all your business requirements regarding the cloud.

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