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The complete solution designed to manage and integrate your finances

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The Gold Standard In Enterprise Resource Planning

Get to know your organization better. Turn numbers into data and gain invaluable insight on your financials, inventory, and operations. Welcome to the age of Microsoft Dynamics GP. With flexible customization options, this system evolves with your business over time to ensure that your needs are fully met, every single time.

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24/7 Connectivity To Your Central Resources, That’s Microsoft GP

With over 25 years in the Dynamics ERP market, I-Net Dynamics has a team of Microsoft Dynamics experts to get you onboard the best ERP solution such as Microsoft GP, for any business. Utilizing Microsoft Azure’s cloud platform, we can assist with migrating on-premise ERP system to the cloud, enabling your team to gain secure access to important business processes and data anytime, anywhere.


The days of inaccurate guesswork are done. Dynamics GP’s out-of-the-box functionality allows you to turn your software into whatever you want it to be.


Financial Management

More Than Just Your Average Accounting Software

Meet the Financial Management System that lets you do everything from tracking, to managing, to analyzing business finances. Organize your finances like never before with Microsoft’s Dynamics GP Financial Management module.

Microsoft’s Leading Financial Management ERP System

  • Flexible and comprehensive financial management for specific business needs
  • Automated and streamlined operations for better results
  • Improved control and security over your accounts
  • Collaborative effort between people and processes for increased efficiency

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Cash Book Management

Get Updated Books Every Time With The Best Accounting ERP Software

Too many accounts to handle? Dynamics GP allows you to easily manage and maintain your cash books and check books using the cash book management module. Reconcile bank statements and provide proof of reconciliation for daily accounting updates.

Key Benefits

  • Automated banking activities and electronic interactions with most Singapore banks
  • Reduction of human error and improve accuracy
  • Elimination of manual accounting processes
  • Instant notifications on unexpected charges, input errors, and other gaps for immediate action

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Supply Chain Management

Reform Supply Chain Management With Singapore’s Best Cloud ERP Solution

Manage your products from a single location, no matter how many warehouses you have. Eliminate mistakes from repetitive tasks by delegating it to a machine for an instant boost in productivity. Thanks to Dynamics GP, supply chain management has never been more in sync.

Key Benefits

  • Easily adapts to your management requirements, minus the complexity
  • Better communication and collaboration
  • Streamlines critical purchasing and procurement processes
  • Automated purchase order approval and delivery tracing

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Procurement Management

Comprehensive and Intuitive Purchase Order Processing Software

Your procurement process, but better. With Microsoft Dynamics GP, you take control of your purchase orders and inventory like never before. Do everything with one portal, see everything with one software. Less time for documentation and management, more time for growth.

Key Benefits

  • Team members are able to create and track their own purchase requests, making it easy to go through product requisition
  • Purchase requisitions are automatically rerouted to appropriate team members based on hierarchy and amount
  • Purchase orders are automatically created with a click of a button after requisitions are approved
  • Create and track PO receipts to shorten the fulfillment process and accurately track your shipment

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Field Service Management

Redefine Field Service With Singapore’s Leading ERP System

Assisted field service management allows you to focus on the most important element of your business: your customers. Boost organizational profitability and experience customer satisfaction like never before.

Key Benefits

  • Track and update new and old service calls against a contract, service, warranty, and current inventory
  • Forecast purchasing and scheduling requirements based on time in service or product usage
  • Track expenses on material and labor, and generate a report for easier analysis
  • Enjoy cleaner operations with automated complex field service operations

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Project Management

Innovating Project Management With Microsoft Dynamics GP Singapore

Accelerate project workflows like never before. Focus on growing your business instead of running it. With automated systems, you can track expenses and create billing structures, without wasting precious human time.

Key Benefits

  • Summarization of project costs
  • Ability to apply timely improvements whenever necessary
  • Allowance for different project timelines
  • Quicker and better collection of process and expense data
  • Eliminates data re-entry through seamless integration with third-party software

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Business Intelligence and Reporting

Smarter Business Strategies With Leading Business Intelligence ERP Module

Microsoft Dynamics GP’s Business Intelligence and Reporting module makes sure you never take a shot in the dark again. Equip yourself with the best weapon known to all businesses: business analytics.

Insight into Business Trends Like Never Before

  • Review the highs and lows of your business and use these to predict trends and underlying problems
  • Shift your business’ focus to specific goals for accelerated success
  • Adapt new business strategies through predictive trial and error

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Integration and Customization

The World Is At Your Fingertips With Singapore’s Most Trusted ERP System

Business evolved over time. Operations become simpler and give way to new processes and details. When choosing an ERP software to assist your organization, you want something that can evolve with you as you grow your business. Through the years, Microsoft Dynamics GP can adapt to your business’ changes and provide the same level of support, in whatever stage of success you may be.

Key Benefits

  • Seamless integration for third party software such as HR, payroll, and CRM softwares
  • Accommodation of different project timelines for maximum efficiency
  • Fully-customizable options for unhindered growth potential

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