In light of achieving our Microsoft Gold Partner in Cloud Partner competency, we would like to take this opportunity to walk you through the behind the scenes of this title. What does it mean to be a Microsoft Gold Partner? More importantly, how does this benefit you.

i-Net Dynamics is a certified Microsoft Gold Partner in Cloud Platform

What is Microsoft Gold Competency in Cloud Platform?

The Microsoft Gold Competency award is Microsoft’s recognition and reward of quality. Achieving the Gold Competency in Cloud Platform demonstrates an all-rounded ability of the partner in delivering Microsoft’s cloud products and servicing the ever-evolving customer base.  It also showcases the partner’s expertise in building and expanding cloud-based infrastructure solutions using Microsoft Azure as the cloud platform.

To achieve this title, a company needs to be dedicated and committed to the following goals:

  • Meet necessary performance requirements: Partners must demonstrate an established level of Azure consumption within the previous 12 months.
  • Pass an assessment or exam: At least two professionals from the Partner company must complete a range of exams to prove internal ability in technical expertise
  • Provide customer evidence: Partners must have five customer references that feature how, within the previous 12 months, they benefitted from the solutions and services provided by the Partner company.

How does this benefit you?

By engaging a service provider such as I-Net Dynamics that carries Microsoft’s Gold Competency in Cloud Platform, customers enjoy various business benefits and advantages.

  • Easy access to multiple Microsoft products: One single contact point for different Microsoft products. As a Gold Partner, we get daily updates from Microsoft about the latest products, services and upgrades, and we can communicate the news first-hand to your organization in suitable areas.
  • Better and faster support: Microsoft Partners have round-the-clock access to Microsoft support. We always utilize this advantage to give you more efficient support response and advice.
  • Proven expertise: As mentioned above, a Microsoft Gold Partner needs to complete a range of technical exams to prove our technical expertise. Additionally, this Competency level also shows creativity and innovation of the partner in utilizing Microsoft products.

With our expertise proven through achieving Microsoft’s Gold Competency in Cloud Platform, the team in i-Net is still constantly evolving and upgrading, in order to meet and exceed our customer’s needs.

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