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Like the title suggests, the proactive IT managed services approach includes remote monitoring and preventative maintenance as well as other services that minimize the occurrences and duration of failures. Utilizing proactive approach to manage IT needs is an emerging trend amongst firms as they realize the importance of having preventive measures instead of relying solely on the Break-Fix approach. As compared to the reactive approach most companies take on, preventive actions help to monitor and predict any potential IT crisis much earlier in advance, hence, preventing a crisis from happening by rectifying the issue before it can happen.


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Peace of Mind:

Staying true to our preventive approach of our managed service, you never have to worry about a system breakdown with us monitoring your systems 24/7 and issue avoidance service from our experienced IT experts.

Increased Productivity:

By predicting a system breakdown and fixing the issue before it occurs, the chances of a system failure are slim which means your employees no longer have to wait long hours for IT support to arrive on the scene.


We understand how important it is to know what is happening with your system from time to time and relay that information to the management team. As such, monthly reports are produced to keep you and your team updated.

Cost Effectiveness:

By preventing issues from happening and accelerating recovery the total cost of owning your system is significantly reduced in the long term.

Proactive and preventative IT support means that you can focus more on growing your business and less time on worrying about downtime. With over 10 years of experience in supporting thousands of users in the region, i-Net Dynamics provides business enablement through complete monitoring, maintenance, support and management of your systems.

If you would like to find out more about our IT Managed Services or other offerings such as Cloud Computing, please contact us here.

I -Net Dynamics is now an acknowledged ERP application management, IT managed services and cloud services provider in Singapore with over 10 years of experience and over 200 customers in the APAC area.

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