Microsoft Disaster recovery with azure

Written by Xuan Luan for I-Net Dynamics

Most businesses these days utilize technology to streamline & expedite their operations, use different tools to reach their customers and drive sales. These products and services have also been increasingly available in the era of the super-fast Internet. Moreover, businesses now record a huge amount of business data, which is one of the core factors for their successes.

While transactions, customer demand, and expectation of services have increased in exponential levels, it is only understandable that unplanned downtime can cost companies greatly in terms of financial and reputation damages. If you have a fear of this happening to your business, there is an undeniable need for business continuity and disaster recovery services (BC/DR).

Safeguard with Disaster Recovery


Companies have different approaches to reduce their outages and minimize the damage, such as acquiring extra hardware, software, data center and staff. This requires a big sum of investment, and traditionally, BC/DR activities can be more time-consuming to implement with a lot of process, interviews, and reports.


An increasing adoption of cloud technology, managed services, and disaster recovery plan on cloud is speeding up the implementation of BC/DR. Companies these days can quickly assess and pick up smart, flexible and integrated cloud solutions from any vendor.


Here at I-Net Dynamics, we deliver Azure Disaster Recovery as a Service. Our two key services,Site Recovery and Backup, will help to protect your business from natural disasters, outages, and different kinds of failures. Your data is safe and recoverable with Backup services during any outages while your site is ensured to be up and running quickly with Azure mechanism of replication and failovers. This means that you can rest assured regardless of what disaster your business goes through, your business will always stay up and running.

Azure Disaster Recovery Services


Several reasons you can consider Microsoft Azure’s solution is its flexibility, inexpensiveness and scalability. Furthermore, you can implement it with your on-premises or cloud data. Generally, with Disaster Recovery as a Service, you reduce massive capital investment costs while getting access to a more simplified, automated but also highly available, scalable and customizable service.

Microsoft Azure Disaster Recovery


Moreover, you can easily see that as a market leader, Azure delivers huge advantages in terms of its feature flexibility while ensures your privacy, security, and compliance to standards. For more details of each main feature and advantages, you can check out our earlier article about Azure Site Discovery Benefits.

 Azure site disaster recovery


Consider safeguarding your business with Azure Disaster Recovery – Consider I-Net Dynamics , a reputable, certified Microsoft Partner with experiences across Microsoft tech stack and infrastructure services, contact us here to find out more!

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