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Skype for Business – A Powerful Tool in Cloud Computing Era

The demand for mobile capability is increasing rapidly for businesses. According to Microsoft’s Lync Usage and Adoption Survey, 78% of employees collaborate with partners or colleagues located elsewhere on a daily basis, and 4 out of 5 use web conferencing for such purpose.

With the ability to cater to this demand and solve the existing issues that users might face in using web conference, Skype for Business is believed to be the enterprise trusted solution.

Winning with Skype for Business

Introduced in 2007, Skype for Business (formerly Microsoft Office Communicator and Microsoft Lync) is an instant-messaging client used with Skype for Business or with Skype for Business Online (Microsoft Office 365). It is designed for business purposes, to differentiate itself with the Personal Skype Software.


Skype for Business has all-in-one service with instant-messaging, audio, video and web conferencing. Addressing large meeting demand, Skype for Business allows attendees to join meetings virtually from any browser and device. People can even join with a phone number, allowing others to conenct using a local dial-in number.

As with many other cloud computing solutions from Microsoft, such as Cloud ERP, Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Skype for Business brings across many advantages:

  • Increase employee productivity and collaboration
  • Enable mobility with minimum travel costs
  • Minimize IT support and cost
  • Reduce hardware dependence


Skype for Business in BMW

In moving forward with the trend of integration, Skype has partnered with BMW to integrate its system with BMW’s iDrive system. This whole new level of partnership allows users to connect to Skype meetings in the car in the safest and most convenient way. They can join meetings and conferences directly without having to dial manually and the system will also prompt upcoming meetings or meeting changes. Drivers can also use the car voice and navigation services in conjunction with exchange’s calendars, to-do list and contacts.

This integration opens up many other opportunities for in-car experiences that are related to information technology, servicing customers who demand for the ultimate mobile capability and connectivity while staying safe on the road.

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