Work is shifting to home due to COVID-19 Pandemic

As Coronavirus pandemic continues to escalate, many organizations are left with no choice but to shut down temporarily or shift all operations online. Under this critical scenario, many employees have been greatly affected by the lack of a dedicated working environment. The only main solution everyone has turn to is implementing remote working or working from home, in order not to jeopardize operations and continue moving forward even if it is at a slow pace. We have come up with some tips to help you ensure that even while working from home, your working environment stays as secure as possible.


Tips for secure remote working

Here are a few tips that should be brought into consideration such as:

  • Pick a peaceful working place—You need to select a place that is comfortable to your mood and can easily be stationed with your equipment for working.
  • Secure your data—The next thing that you need to do is to secure your business data. Consider using firewalls, antivirus or anti malware systems to ensure that you are not vulnerable to cyberattacks. Implementing a two-step verification is also considered good practice.
  • Data Encryption—Make sure that you continue to encrypt all your data, using a VPN service can be of great help here.
  • Company only devices— Provided your devices have already been hardened, with the help of this policy you would be able to minimize causalities such as data breach or other inconsistencies that may arise.


Remote working service provided by us

I-Net Dynamics is the name you can trust in ensuring a safe and secure remote working  environment. Work from any remote location while ensuring your employees have the secure access to office networks and business applications. The following are a few services provided by I-Net Dynamics to various users around the globe regarding remote working from home;


Remote access to office network

Employees with remote office access

Regardless of how prepared you are to work remotely; you would still require access to office servers and networks. I-Net Dynamics can assist you with the setup of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to ensure secure and reliable access without jeopardizing the integrity of data whatsoever.

Remote Application Access

Employee with remote application access

As with many business, certain important business applications are bound to be on-premise, leaving you with no way of accessing it from a remote environment. However, I-Net Dynamics can assist in making those business applications available by hosting it in the cloud. With a cloud hosted application, you would be able to access your application from anywhere, anytime.

However, if you have very strict security policies that does not allow for cloud hosting, our team can still work with you to implement an alternative solution based on your security policies.

Ad-Hoc IT Support Services

Ad-Hoc IT Support Team Helping Customers

When not in the office, it is even more important to ensure that you have a designated team of experts to ensure your IT infrastructure stays up and running. Under these remote circumstances we can assist you in the following ways to ensure you have all the support you need;

  • Providing remote assisting for technical requirements
  • Ensuring optimal performance through and through
  • Effectively monitoring and maintaining IT bound networks
  • Remote security patching to maintain security standards
  • Installing the anti-malware and anti-virus systems to keep network and emails safe


If you have requirements for any of these offerings at all, please do not hesitate to contact us for a quick quote today!

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