The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down entire countries and left millions in a state of self-quarantine. As a result, businesses have been forced to take the majority of their operations online.   With social distancing becoming a part of the new normal, businesses need to take steps to ensure that their employees are able to work remotely with no issue. Failing to do so can be disastrous for any business. An unplanned IT outage is frustrating for employers and disruptive to critical operations. Should a second lockdown be put into place, an organization may find itself unable to function or work with no solution in sight. While BCP or business continuity planning is critical to success, it’s also especially important for it to be backed up by a solid IT team. To ensure consistent and reliable performance, it’s especially important for an organization’s IT infrastructure to be well-maintained. In this article, we’ll take a look at how we can help your business safeguard its IT infrastructure.

Skilled Manpower

A good team is the cornerstone of any successful IT department and we are no exception. At i-Net Dynamics, our team of highly-skilled engineers combine both practical experience with solid technical knowledge to help you tackle any issues that you may have. This allows us to provide our customers with superior levels of technical support that other companies may be hard-pressed to provide. Thus allowing your staff to focus their efforts on getting the job down instead of becoming bogged down with technical issues. Related: Remote/On-site Managed Services

Quality IT Asset Management

Investing in the right set of IT equipment is well and good. However, without adequate maintenance, even the best hardware is likely to fail when most critical. As can be seen by the COVID-19 pandemic, many Singaporean companies were unprepared for the severity of the lockdowns imposed. This resulted in many operations becoming bogged down and delayed as a result of unplanned system downtime. Recognizing this need, the team at i-Net Dynamics is well-versed in the maintenance of both on-premise servers and cloud-based solutions. This ensures your ability to continue business even in the midst of any type of emergency. Something which goes a long way in giving you an edge over your competitors.

Network management

Ensuring the health and stability of your organization’s internal network is vital if your employees are required to work remotely for extended periods of time. From ensuring the smooth flow of information to troubleshooting and resolving any potential issues, i-Net Dynamics has what it takes to keep your network up and running 24/7.   Besides stability issues, security is another major concern for businesses all over the world. Leaked or stolen documents can lead to a variety of legal and financial ramifications or even a loss of business. Amongst the services we provide are firewall policy management and network traffic monitoring to help you better safeguard your business. We also offer best practice recommendations to train staff on proper network usage. Related: Keep your network safe with IT Security services

Server Management

The server lies at the heart of any business. Servers store, process and organize terabytes of data on a daily basis. This is why servers are also the most vulnerable part of any IT operation. A malfunctioning server will disrupt employees and prevent them from completing vital business processes. At Inet Dynamics we recognize the importance of keeping your business server online and running at all times. To better protect your business, we provide server hardening services that are aimed at improving your server’s performance while safeguarding it from existing threats. These include regular anti-virus updates and scans along with periodic maintenance. Regular security checks and maintenance means less downtime and improved reliability. All of which are critical to preparing your business for remote working. The criticality of IT services is often overlooked. However, as can be seen by the COVID-19 pandemic unreliable IT infrastructure will only lead to unneeded problems down the road. ——————— With i-Net Dynamics, we provide you with reliable IT support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thus giving you the freedom to focus on expanding your business and leaving the background to us. If you would like to boost the strength of your infrastructure, schedule a free consultation with our team or check out our suggested services here!

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